The Mapleton Hill Steering Committee is a group of concerned citizens focused on neighborhood development
issues including historic preservation, traffic, density, sustainability, 
and affordable housing.

Developers Re-submit 311 Mapleton Plans Nov 2017

The current proposal is very similar to previous submitted plans. (Click Here)
To compare and contrast the Before and After of 311 Mapleton (Click Here)

Your community concerns have not been fully addressed regarding:
(Click links below to review citizen letters)

Height Violations

Number of Units Exceeding Code for Congregate Care
Scale of Construction and Impact of Associated Traffic
Neighborhood Character Threatened
 Loss of Open Space Parking
Tree Removal
Wildland Fire Hazard

Community Safety

We have requested a complete set of developer plans for public review, and we will
let you know when they are available at 4th and Mapleton at The Seventh-day Adventist Church.

It’s your community. Be informed. Voice your concerns.

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