Developers’ Proposal

View the developers’ proposal at: In the top right window enter “LUR2017-00027” this provides all the Developer’s submitted documents that are on the City’s Website.

View of 311 Mapleton Project

Overview Too Big

City Notification Letter of Use and Rezoning Reviews

Key Submitted Documents

06_Mapleton Hill – Use Review Written Statement
Architectural Drawings
20_Project Fact Sheet
32_TDM Plan
T10.1_trees_APPS 54
History SanitariumMemorandum_Final_7_16_15.pdf

Other Submitted Documents

Mapleton Public Comment-Good Neighbor Meeting

Mapleton_3.9.17_Summery_Final-Good Neighbor Meeting

33_Inclusionary Zoning


LUR Application.pdf
Sign Posting.pdf
Legal Description.pdf
05_Vicinity map

Architectural Plans.pdf
Utility Plan.pdf
Solar Analysis.pdf
Architectural Plans_Height.pdf
Vested Property Rights.pdf

Title Insurance.pdf
Obligation to Pay Form.pdf

Supporting Documents