Neighborhood Response

To the proposed Academy at Mapleton Hill submitted August 1, 2016

(Revised proposal to be submitted March 20, 2017)



Developers are proposing a large-scale, for-profit, residential senior housing and care campus for 300 individuals at 311 Mapleton Avenue. As proposed at Site Review, the new  facility with 27 buildings and cottages will operate around the clock, seven days a week. To address neighborhood concerns regarding the planned development of the 15-acre former hospital site, the Mapleton Hill Steering Committee has been revived under the leadership of Catherine Schweiger and Wendy Baring-Gould. The Committee is working with city staff, the Planning Board, City Council, the developers, and residents to protect the neighborhood character.

Strategic Areas of Concern


There must be a meaningful reduction in the size of the project to minimize impact  on this quiet residential neighborhood.


The project design must complement our historic architectural styles.


The construction process must be managed so neighborhood peace and safety will not be threatened. Design of the project’s vehicle circulation must respond to existing traffic patterns, protecting the pedestrian quality of the neighborhood.


Large trees must be preserved for both ecological and aesthetic reasons. All existing vegetation of size and value must be inventoried and protected.


Perimeter structures must be scaled appropriately to be consistent with the surrounding neighborhood residences. Vegetation must be strategically placed to buffer the impact of a large development.


The project must be in compliance with all City of Boulder codes and policies.

How You Can Be Informed 

  • Sign up on the website:
  • All relevant communications will be posted on the website.

What You Can Do to Help

  • Become informed. Review documents on the website.
  • Share this information with your neighbors. Help spread the word.
  • Attend scheduled meetings. Focus on strategic areas of your expertise and concern.

Steering Committee Structure and Function 

The purpose of the Steering Committee, comprised of a dozen community members, is to:

  • Provide clear and useful information to neighborhood residents
  • Build community consensus
  • Manage communications and maintain a unified voice
  • Serve as liaison with City’s Case Manager
  • Activate the community when participation is timely and critical

Committee Membership

  • Catherine Schweiger, Chair
  • Wendy Baring-Gould, Co–Chair
  • Betsey Jay, Secretary/Recorder
  • Phil Delamere, Website Manager
  • Alan Delamere
  • Japhet De Oliveira
  • Kevin Lambert
  • Jim Murphy
  • Joel Smiley
  • Randi Stroh
  • Rebecca Trafton

Aerial View of 311 Mapleton

Aerial View of 311 Mapleton

Proposed Zoning

Proposed Zoning

Artist's Rendering

Artist’s Rendering